Apr 12, 2008

Testing...testing....testing one, two, three!

Hi all! Welcome to the Deaton family blog. Seeing as how everyone else jumped on the blog bandwagon, I thought I better hurry up and get to it! I am notorious for taking a gillion pictures, and never sending them, so I hope to be better at this......here's to hoping!

We just returned from our first family vacation since Zane was born. We returned to Oregon to visit our family and friends. I was fortunate enough to be there when Shannon had her baby (see pics of Porter, 3.21.08) and was blessed to spend time with her and her son. I got to take him to his first Dr's. appt. where he got what Shannon calls the "snip, snip". He took it like a champ :) The only time he cried was when they took the binky with sugar water out of his mouth! He's a beautiful baby with a great disposition. He hardly cries, slept most of the time and eats like it's his job to do it!

I love the look here on Porter's face...he seems to say "really people, I need to poop"! Noah wanted to hold Porter so badly and cried when we took him away. He kept saying how he needed to hold HIS baby Porter!

Turns out my sister had the same idea for Spring Break, and returned to Oregon from her new home in Kansas. Mat, Becky, Samantha and Ryan made the 28 hour trip in their new truck (yes, crazy describes it!) and were fortunate enough to spend almost 2 weeks before their return. Her kids are huge - Samantha is beautiful and has such a great spirit. You can just see it shine right through her. Ryan is a giant among babies. At 9 months he's as tall as Zane and only about a 1/2 pound lighter....yes, your math is right. He's 6 months younger. My kids are...well...vertically challenged.

Our vacation also brought us a couple of days on the mountain. Jason skied while Dom and I snowboarded. Jason used to be on the ski team, so he just got right back to skiing like he had never quit. I don't know if what I was doing actually qualifies as snowboarding, but I sure as heck tried. Dom on the other hand just hopped on the board, pointed it down the mountain and went like hell! We only got two runs in in the first hour or so, but after that he really started to get the hang of it. After we attended our snowboarding 101 lesson there was no stopping him. Jason even took him up the Pine Marten lift where they stopped at the snowboard park and Dom went down the half pipe......I was nice and comfy sitting in the Lodge :) I was sore for days....it was fun though, and nice to have some time with just Dom and I. In addition to our day of fun, we outfited the babies in some snow gear and took them to HooDoo for some sledding...

$100 on snowgear

2 hour trip to the mountain

30 minutes of dressing to get ready for sledding

Zane having a melt down before we get out the door.....PRICELESS!

Zane was not happy about the snow gear, the snow, the innertube...none of it! The only time he didn't cry was when the tube was actually going down the hill. Other than that, it was hysterical tears and screaming. Our trip was done and over with in less than 20 minutes!

Our trip was as full as we could have made it. Trips to Josie's and Deb & Evan's house....her girls are adorable. Kaylie (4) and Sofia (1) couldn't get any cuter. Kaylie danced her ballet for me, Sofia loved on everyone and the boys tackled them. Yes, we start them early :) We're no dummies - we want cute grandkids, so we're teaching them young about finding the cute ones! ha!

Our visit with Josie and her family was brief, but so much fun! Her kids are so grown up and polite. Karl (10) is just like his dad - takes him a while to warm up, but once he got there, there was no stopping him. Elizabeth (8) was great with our boys and ran around the house mothering everyone. She's got such a great spirit! Brian (2), Zane and Noah played the entire evening and had a great time emptying every toy Josie owns out on the floor. Noah had so much fun that when we finally got home he told us in the car that he wanted to go to "aunt Jokie's house" to play!

And, last but not least, Jason and I got to introduce the babies to my grandparents. Each visit was only a couple of hours, but I am so glad they got to meet my grandparents! For 83 and 85 yrs. old, they look fantastic and are doing really well!

Well, I've written a novel, so I'm going to sign off. I hope this finds you all healthy and well!