Jan 6, 2009

Christmas morning, 2008

There were so many great moments from Christmas morning that I couldn't choose. The boys were overwhelmed with their new train table and weren't quite sure where to start. Dominic has Christmas down, and had NO problem discovering his stocking. We got a "holy crap, are you serious??" out of him with a renewed subscription to XBox Live. For those of you with teenagers, you know just how big that was :) Noah and Zane received lots of cars and trucks from Santa this year. Zane is still in his Disney Cars obsession phase and Noah just wants to play anything with wheels. The unwrapping of gifts took almost two hours. Although Dom understands the "rip and go" technique, the little ones would much rather play with every toy first. This takes a lot of time. Alot.... After the toys were assembled and we had our first fight over whose truck was whose, we dressed and went to the Pape's house for a yummy Christmas breakfast. Thanks to the Pape's again for inviting us and treating us as family. We all enjoyed some naptime later, and then over to the Budoff's for the First Annual Christmas Breakfast for Dinner. Keith made some fantastic crepes with all the great trimmings. He added waffles, pancakes, sausage...the whole deal. We had such a great time and our kids were passed out cold by 8:30. Thanks to the Budoffs for making us part of their family. We're looking forward to next year!

I know there's a lot of pictures here, but we hope you enjoy them. More to come soon! Love you all, and we hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Jan 3, 2009

Deaton's Christmas Eve

I know, Christmas was a week ago but we've been quite busy. Sheryl (Jason's mom) came to town on the 17th and stayed with us until the 30th. We felt really blessed to have some family around us at Christmas this year! We had a crazy, busy time, so I'll try to keep it short...yeah right!

Christmas Eve was spent with the Pape family (thanks Mike, Julie and the boys for inviting us in on your tradition!) at Uncle Sam's pizza. We had 20 people there to celebrate with one another. We adjourned to the Pape's house to open white elephant gifts and sing Christmas carols. Julie plays piano and sings - this is the first time she's sung for us and it was so pretty! The missionaries (one was from Tonga...I can't remember where the other guy was from) sang us a traditional Tongan song about following the ways of Christ. I didn't understand a word, but it was beautiful. We adjourned to our house after the carols and opened our own Christmas Eve gifts.

Dominic was hiding Jason's gift under his shirt...he didn't want to wrap it so he had me wrap him.....so ingenius :)

Unwrap me Daddy!

Woo-hoo! Slippers that Dominic hasn't worn and stretched out with his giant boat feet!

My Boys....