May 18, 2008

Bouncer Fun

Noah and Zane had a great time playing in the bouncer on Saturday.....Zane was still a little hesitant about actually climbing through the hole, but finally made it!

Check out this link for a slideshow of pics!

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a great Mother's Day with my boys! First, I got to have breakfast with the boys on Friday at "Muffins for Moms". They gave me my gift a little early - a brand new camera to take their pictures with! The picture here was taken with them at school. When Sunday rolled around, I asked to plant flowers in our planter boxes....yes, the ones that have been empty for two years!

I love that I'll have flowers year 'round, instead of just a couple of days. The boys picked out some great plants for me....check 'em out!

I hope all of you mother's had a wonderful day - here's to all we do!

May 5, 2008

Two little lovebirds.....

How cute is this? Meet Dom's girlfriend..... She is so adorable! Her parents joined us along with another couple and their kids for a small BBQ and some pool time on Sunday evening. The kids had a great time, and Brian (another parent) and I ended up in the pool - fully clothed - chasing after the kids.

When Elmo Grows Up.....

I was fortunate enough to get tickets and a meet & greet with some of the characters of the Seasame Street Live show for the boys. Below are the pics of Ernie and Grover. Niether child was terribly happy about the experience, but at least they weren't screaming. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Noah!

Noah celebrated his 3rd birthday Backyardigans "surf" style on Saturday. He had a great time with his friends jumping in the bouncer, golfing, playing cars and trucks and watching "Tiki Beach" all morning! His favorite gifts are his Matchbox cars and his Cars blanket. And the Backyardigans Super Secret Spy movie. And the Nerf baseball bat. And the bubbles. Well, I suppose he's obsessed with all of it at the moment! We've been outside blowing bubbles and playing baseball since the party! Thanks so much to everyone that came!

Although Noah won't remember, I made both his cakes again this year. The one shown above is Pablo the penguin - the palm tree is supposed to go along with the "surfing" theme. They were challenging to make, but actually pretty fun. I wasn't so sure that Pablo looked like Pablo, but everyone else seemed to think so. Take a look.....

Here is a picture of the bouncer Noah got for his birthday....

And, a great picture of Zane!
More to come on the Elmo Live Show.......

May 4, 2008

Dom's growing up...

So, as it turns out, I have another man living in my home. One day, he was goofy boy - complete with stains and braces - and the next day, a young man woke up in his bed!
Dom's a great kid - great spirit, fun loving, eager to please...everyone but us! Jason and I are so proud of him!
Here's the most recent photo of Dom in his "8th grade graduation wear". He'll be moving on to HIGH SCHOOL in August. He wasn't so happy about the shirt and tie, but swears he'll wear the pants to school to console me. :)