Aug 14, 2009


Well, I have determined that blogging on even a weekly basis is not one of my strengths. I seem to do pretty well with Facebook, so that's where most stuff ends up. But, for those of you don't don't read my Facebook snippets - here are the Days of our Lives :)

Dom started his SOPHMORE year on Monday! I can't believe it, but it's happened. He's taking a sports therapy class and weight training as his heavy hitters this year. Ha! I don't recall sports therapy class when I was in school. But, as Dom is so ready to tell me - I'm very old you know. He says he has learned his lesson from his stint in summer school, so we're hoping to see some A's on his report card for his History and Geometry classes.

He is playing football again this year so we'll see how that goes. They only have about 15-20 kids on the entire JV team so.....well, let's just say that it's probably a good thing that his school rating dropped from a 4A school to a 3A school (our enrollment dropped when the new HS opened). At least they don't have to play the top ranked schools with only 20 players! He's only had what I would consider one #3 injury (on a scale of 1-5 you have to rank them. 1=bandaid and 5= emergency room!). His favorite thing so far? He's really enjoying "lighting people up"......I'm not sure what to say about that!

Let's see...we got a new dog. Diego has joined our family. He was owned by a friend at work who had been looking for a new home. We gave him a test drive and we love him. He's a giant, slobbering love bug. :)

That's all I've got for you all!

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The Mommy Chef said...

Crazy how fast they grow! And btw, you are NOT old because that would make me old too. Can you imagine what Jack is going to think when he is Dom's age(I will be ancient!)LOL! Anyways, we missed you today at Eleanor's party!