May 21, 2009

Birthday Boy gets a BIKE

Noah received his first BIG BOY BIKE for his birthday. His first reaction was "Oh my gosh Mommy!!!" He hopped right on the bike, tried to pedal backwards and couldn't (first bike with back brakes)....he promptly cried, got off the bike and told me to take the bike back to the store and requested that I buy him a motorcycle! Really???? This is so not how I imagined his birthday morning. He kept telling Jason and I that it was just too hard and that he needed a motorcycle. It took about an hour of prompting and practice, but he finally got on the bike and pedaled around the neighborhood. Zane, of course needed his turn on the bike so on he went. Now I can't keep the kids off the bike - all they want to do is ride and ride and ride and ride!

Noah and his Tony Hawk bike

First Ride....

Zane givin' it a try

Zane ridin' a big boy bike

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