May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Noah!

Noah had a great 4th birthday party this year! This year we ventured out from our backyard all the way down the road to Rio Vista Park. Rio Vista is a great park for little kids with a giant play structure, a water play area, big ramadas for all of us to sit at and a fabulous BBQ area. We had a great day of sun, water and hot dogs!

Thank you to all of Noah's friends that came to celebrate with us - Joey, Shane, Lucas, Austin, Kylie, Xander, Jackson, Lydia, Harrison, Ellie, Landon, Colten, Cayden, Chris and Ty. Noah had such a great time and it wouldn't have been the same without you all!
Noah and Joey

Two little monkeys....

Zane playing in the rocket ship

It's all about Super Heroes!

Amber (who looks amazing by the way with it being 95 degrees and all!) and my beautiful friend Vicki - pregnant with her 4th baby - Katherine Elizabeth. She was due in 2 weeks in this picture and looks so great - she always looks so good pregnant!!!

Amber's Husband Bryan
Cayden the monkey - he's managed to fold his body almost in half here....
Chris, Lucas and Chrissy!


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